Making a difference...

GhFITLAB is a home to several NFL football stars. We take great pride in helping them to stay healthy and active. Our experienced muscle specialists work together to create the best possible plan of action for each one of them. 

"The excitement that I am feeling every time I come to GhFITLAB has been outstanding! It’s not only the concept, it’s that focus which we have in football. I can do it for 45 minutes twice a week and feel great… and my body doesn’t ache.”- Brent Novoselsky, President of NFL Players Association, Chicago

"This workout has revolutionized the way I think about my body and moving forward. 

The muscle has become a medicine for my body. I am feeling refreshed. I’m feeling strong. 

I can feel my body regenerating…” - Reggie Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Dan Jiggetts Story

"What we’ve been trying to do here at GhFITLAB has worked for me. There is a world of difference between the day I walked in the door, and where I am right now. The feeling has returned to my shins, my ankles and my feet. The shoulder has been magnificent.  Not every problem is going to be solved here, but I tell you one thing, a lot of them will be helped here." - Danny Jiggetts, Chicago Bears, TV and Radio Personality


"Former Bears OL Dan Jiggetts has learned he doesn’t have to live with pain” - Read the recent article by Rick Telander, the senior sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times

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Keith Van Horne Story

"I went to see my cardiologist for a check up and he suggested it GhFITLAB...

It's been a lifesaver and I'm grateful for it." -  Keith Van Horne, Chicago Bears


"How a former bodybuilder helped Keith Van Horne get his life  back!"  - Read the recent article by renowned  sports writer  Dan Pompei 

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