Making a difference...

We believe in helping those who need it the most. This special program helps our seniors to keep their muscles functional and flexible. We help them live life without pain, and exhaustion. 

We often hear from our seniors that there is no exercise programs  like this available anywhere else. Knowing that, our coaches deliver our service to them with a big smile!

We have several programs in retail locations that implement  the GH Method - a novel way of  using muscle. The exercise programs are safe and we go out of our way to make our senior clients comfortable. 

GH Method  has also been a part of a research at University of Illinois, at Chicago for the past 

6 years, aiding  patients in their recovery after transplant. 



"I am an artist and I still enjoy making my art everyday. Before I started this program I had a lot of joint pain and stiffness, not to mention my posture was getting worse and worse.  I have been doing this program for over 5 years now.  I am not slowing down. I enjoy not having  pain. I am 87 years old and Happy!"--- Sally


"Before I started this program I needed shoulder surgery. After three months of my exercise routine I have no pain in my shoulder, and no surgery. I enjoy this tremendously! 

Thank you Greg!." -- Tony 


"Thanks to GhFitlab I am strong and mobile. I just celebrated my ninetieth birthday and guess what?  I don't have any pain. I continue to do what I love in life. "-- Bruno