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We are the missing link between fitness and physical therapy. We believe that restoring health of your own muscle is the best medicine, and thus we created GH Method, our proprietary muscle program, which eliminates pain and weakness. We are neither personal trainers nor physical therapists. We are the muscle specialists! 

Experienced Knowledge

The Gh Method was created from 30 years of experience, and it has been proven through medical research. In addition to our physical programs, we use a proprietary psychological assessment to help you succeed in making desired lifestyle changes. Our team is devoted to guiding you through your GhFITLAB experience with expertise and care.

Working with Doctors

We work closely with doctors who deeply care about their patients. Doctors send their patients to GhFITLAB because they know that our pain and muscle recovery programs are safe and that we can meet their patients where they are. We often help those whom no one else can.

Recommended by Coach Mike Ditka and former NFL Players!


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1730 North Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647, United States

Visit or call to schedule a free consultation at (847) 220-7980.


Monday - Friday: 6am - 6pm

Saturday: By Appointment 

Sunday: Closed